NORMAL Services - from Roadmaster Singapore Courier


(Formerly described as SAME DAY)
Town-to-town: $5.
Island-wide: $7. $9 and $10 (depends on district)
Cut-Off Time: 2pm)
Timing: 7-9 hours completion. Call before 2pm.
(This is the default speed used unless you specify otherwise.)
Tips: The NORMAL category is the most used class. Does not cost much more than one-day but delivered within half the time taken with the One-Day / Next Day class

Note: This is the default class. By that, it means that unless you specify a faster or slower class at the time of call, it shall be assumed that this is the class you want unless the deadline of 3pm has passed. So please always specify the correct speed desired. Speed specification should not be left to assumption unless you want this default class. Attention: One-Day / Next Day  is not the default. Specify at the time of call, please! 

Why is Roadmaster's Half Day is the most popular?
This is a real life saver. Just for a dollar above the ONE DAY / NEXT DAY class, the NORMAL class is the real workout for getting that document round the corner in town. If you are located in town and are sending to a town locale, $5 costs you less than a cab fare. A NORMAL service called at 10.30 am would normally arrive at the your recipent by 6pm and on most occasion, just after 4pm.

For far off locations, the price of $9-10 depending on district code is certainly most affordable for anyone.

Desk to Desk - With Roadmaster, you don't have to queue in a line to have your document delivered!

Fast Courier
Today, companies wants efficency. They are not worried about a few cents. By using Roadmaster, you are assured of getting quality services that will put you on top of your boss's favorite list as a dependable buyer for your firm. We understand this and you will appreciate the fact that we value you and want you to succeed with your company. So with us, you get quality service with a dependable customer service is highly responsive. More than that, maybe you will like to have a favorite sales officer whom you can call your very own. With Roadmaster, you can do that.