ONE DAY / NEXT DAY SERVICES - from Roadmaster Singapore Courier



Town-to-town: $5. Cut-Off Time: 12pm)
Island-wide: $8 to $15. (Cut-Off Time: 11am)
Timing: Same Day or Next Day completion subject to our volume of traffic.
Tips: All attempts will be made to deliver before 6pm. If the receiving is closed for the day, delivery will be made again the next day before 1pm. With this kind of pricing, why queue at the mail counter or hire your own despatch clerk. It makes sense to call Roadmaster instead!

Astornishing Service at an astornishing reasonable price.
Specially made for those not so urgent documents. Now, you really have no more reasons to stay in the queue just to get your documents sent by mail. At $4 town to town and only $6 islandwide, this is perfect for replacement for daily contract courier services or postal "wait-in-line" routine.


Roadmaster ONE DAY / NEXT DAY vs daily contract run courier vs the mail counter:

The Benefits:

With Roadmaster ONE-DAY, you only pay for what you use.

  • For Contract Courier, you have to pay a fixed charge and should you send more, you still have to pay extra.
  • If you use less than the contracted quantity, you still pay the contrracted amount with no discount.

Roadmaster's ONE-DAY is faster.

  • Documents are delivered by different riders based on area. In contracted delivery, pickup is processed through a collection centre brefore re-delivery. This is wasted time.
  • With us, delivery is done by the same courier directly.

Roadmaster is amazingly economical!

  • Town-to-Town
        At $4, we are sure you will agree, it is really astonishingly reasonable.
        With a cut-off deadline all the way till 12pm, you really can't beat that
  • Island-wide  Delivery
       At $6 desk to desk courier delivery, you no longer have any reason to queue
       for services at the mail counter. You may use Islandwide ONE-DAY up to 11am.
       We are just a phone call away.

Note: This class cannot be used for places that closes by 5pm on weekdays. It can't be used for bank, SPH and goverment institutions as these places closes at 5pm sharp. This class also cannot be applied to airport areas, Sentosa, Jurong Islands and extreme locales like Seng Kang, Alps Ave, Chua Chu Kang, Sembawang and Tuas. Please refer to NORMAL and faster mode for these areas.

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