URGENT Courier Class - from Roadmaster Singapore Courier

Town-to-town: $8.
Island-wide: $10. $13 and $15 (depends on district)
(Cut-Off Time: 4pm)
Timing: 4-5 hours completion.

At times, you just can't wait. Urgent services are good for banking job and the more urgent tasks. Roadmaster's Urgent services are fast and reliable. And it cost less than taxi.

Imagine within 4-5 hours, you can get your documents to your destination. That's power in your hand. Even for far off areas, the urgent courier class has maximum delivery time of 4-5 hours, excluding lunch time. Get your contracts, proposals and other documents to your business associates fast.

Now only at a fraction of the cost of sending your own staff out, and wasting your payroll. Time is money. Roadmaster Urgent Service is the right equipment. Use it. Save time and money. Save workload with our fast Urgent Courier class.